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In 1981, St. Ferdinand parishioners Ed and Blanche Rowles went to the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia. Inspired by Bishop Fulton Sheen's devotion to daily holy hours, they returned to St. Ferdinand ready to help start perpetual adoration for our parish.


MID JUNE, 1981

They approached Msgr. Holland (the pastor at the time) about using the empty chapel which was previously part of the convent. Although he felt there might not be enough people to keep perpetual adoration running, he allowed them to proceed.

Overwhelming Support

APRIL 17-18, 1982

Fr. Martin Lucia of the Missionary Society of the Blessed Sacrament spoke at St. Ferdinand about Perpetual Adoration. As a result, nearly 450 parishioners signed up! Msgr. Holland requested permission from the Archdiocese to begin perpetual adoration.


MAY 18, 1982

Archbishop May granted approval in May 1982. St. Ferdinand was officially able to begin perpetual adoration. Final preparations were made over the next month, and the chapel was set to open the following month.

Perpetually Prayerful

JUNE 18, 1982

Perpetual adoration officially began in St. Ferdinand's chapel on the eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus- June 18th, 1982. The Adoration Chapel has been a wonderful addition to the spiritual life of St. Ferdinand Parish ever since. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides a sacred place for all to visit the Lord.

Traditionally Blessed


Our chapel has been blessed with the participation of many fantastic men and women over the years, including Archbishop Rigali for the chapel's 15th year anniversary in 1997, Bishop Hermann for the 25th anniversary in 2007, and Bishop Rice for the 30th anniversary in 2012.

New Additions


The chapel has remained mostly the same through the years; however, new carpeting was added in 2009 through the labor and donation of a parishioner. Furniture and the outdoor Nativity scene were donated in 2009 by Nick and Jean Ambrow. Thank you to all who have blessed our chapel with their time, talent, and treasure!

Refreshment and Upgrades


There are new changes and upgrades going on throughout 2017 that will hopefully both enhance your special visit with Our Lord and help keep the chapel a sacred place for public worship.

How will you be a part of the history?


We are truly blessed to have Christ be both spiritually and physically the center of our parish! How will YOU help us write the next part of this history? Consider visiting the chapel sometime soon, even for only a brief time. To find out more click here.

“Have you ever driven past our church and thought that one of these days you were going to stop in the chapel, open day and night. I did. After finally making that first visit it became a habit - sometimes for a few minutes, or an hour. We know God is with us always and everywhere, but when we come here and kneel or sit before the Blessed Sacrament and ‘turn off the distractions’ we bring ourselves closer to Him.”
— Anonymous Adorer at St. Ferdinand Chapel