Answer Christ's invitation to "spend an hour with Him" by becoming a Scheduled Weekly Adorer or Substitute.

“There is no greater earthly gift than the Eucharist - spending time with our Lord has saved our family. As we grow, the meditation and fellowship here at St. Ferdinand Chapel has provided guidance, strength, wisdom, understanding and comfort. Praise to Our Lord whom we need more than ever.”
— Anonymous Adorer at St. Ferdinand Chapel

Scheduled Adorer

If you become a scheduled adorer, you will have a set hour period that you will be present at the chapel. If you are unable to make your scheduled hour in a given week, you are free to call the coordinators to find a substitute.

If you aren't sure whether you can commit to an hour a week, consider teaming up with a friend or family member to share the hour with or be each other's dedicated substitute and go every other week.

(Dates as of August 22, 2019)

Monday 10 - 11 AM
Monday 2 - 3 PM
Monday 6 -7 PM

Wednesday 1 - 2 AM
Thursday 2 - 3 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 12 Noon
Friday 3 - 4 PM
Saturday 3 - 4 AM
Sunday 2 - 3 AM
Sunday 3 - 4 AM

Substitute Opportunities

If you become a substitute, you will be contacted occasionally with the opportunity to fill in for a scheduled adorer who is unable to make it to their hour.

Receiving a phone call as a substitute does NOT commit or obligate you to take the open hour.

When you become a substitute, you are able to designate what day(s) and hour(s) you are available to be contacted.

Questions? Click the gold button above and a coordinator will be in contact with you shortly to discuss substitute opportunities. 


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